About Our Service

New Criminal and Serious Traffic Cases for the Last 24 Hours. Every 24 hours.

  • This information you receive in your email is sent out every day (instead of weekly) to our customers with all new cases in the last 24 hours allowing them to have their letters in the hands of potential clients long before other attorneys. In a recent random sampling, our client's letters arrived days before other attorneys. Many times letters arrive before the court notice!
  • The case spreadsheets you receive can be tailored to meet your firm's specific needs including new cases based on zip codes that are near your offices or specific court systems.
  • Presented in Microsoft Excel® format for simple mail-merging with your current letterhead (other formats available upon request). Avery™ mailing label printouts also available to print directly to mailing labels, decreasing the time it takes to send out your letters, saving you time and money.
Stop Relying on Stale Data from the State!
When the District Court enters the charges, we email them to our clients in less than 24 hours. Receive your information at a time of your choosing in a format tailored to your firm's specific needs.

Join the other attorneys across Maryland using our service to reach new clients and keep the phones ringing!